Eclecticism in music is often frowned upon. Sometimes rightly so, since it may lead to an indeterminate hotchpotch, without any sense of direction. Not so in the case of Organic Three Plus. The name of the band is appropriate, since every musical direction they take into their stride, they manage to mould into an organic whole.

The group started as a trio, with guitarist Milan Kracht, drummer Kim Weemhoff and bassist Frans Tunderman, but has recently been extended with vibraphonist Murk Jiskoot. His appearance inspired Milan Kracht to write a completely new repertoire. Therefore he was influenced by some of his musical heroes Frank Zappa, Igor Stravinsky, Steve Coleman en Bill Frisell. The new material is a musical rollercoaster where composition and improvisation are woven into a multicoloured rug.

Murk Jiskoot is an enchanter on mallets, alternating dense melodic strands with tasteful, bluesy brushstrokes. Milan Kracht thinks like a horn player, and leaves breathing spaces in his lines, making them transparent, allowing the listener to hear his musical stories unfold. Frans Tunderman plays the double bass like a full-fledged melodic instrument, adding ideas and taste rather than merely accompanying. Kim Weemhoff, too, is so much more than a timekeeper. He colours the melodies with the full palette his drum kit offers him.